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Pet Treatment

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April 26, 2012


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Pet Treatment
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Pet Treatment

At some stage throughout the lifetime of our pets they will usually suffer from some type of illness or infection, some more common than others. Thankfully there are many treatments available and I will be listing and advising some of them to you.

Flea and tick infestation in dogs can be a major issue for both the dog and you. If the condition manifests, your dog will suffer from one or more of these symptoms: skin irritation, anaemia, allergic reactions and even in some rare cases death. Fleas and ticks feed on animal blood, and every time that they do they leave some deposit which can causes any of the former conditions. But ticks can also carry diseases like Lyme and Babesiosis, so therefore it is vital that you try to avoid these creatures. Try Frontline flea treatment if your dog is infested with fleas or ticks.

Canine Urolithiasis, most commonly known by several other names including: Kidney stones, Urethritis or Cystitis, is characterised by the blockage of the urinary tract which is caused by the presence and effects of excessive amounts of crystals, Uroliths (stones) or Claculi. This can cause pain, irritation, blood in the dog’s urine and other symptoms including weakness, vomiting, straining and frequent visits to the litter tray or urination in odd places. Seek advice from a veterinary immediately if you notice these symptoms in your dog. The situation can become severe if not treated; dogs can be poisoned to death because of failure to release the waste and toxins in their body. Try products from Eukanuba to treat this disorder.

Itching is common in all animals, and scratching is a normal response to that. However if your dog is scratching away excessively, it is likely your dog is suffering from some type of infection. Excessive scratching will damage the coat and skin. One in three dogs is infected with some type of skin disease. There are three types of skin disease in dogs; food allergies, Atopy (environmental allergies) and flea allergies. Hypoallergenic products such as Skinners dog food are ideal for dogs with food allergies.


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