Training and Caring for Your Dogs

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Dogs are parts of our everyday lives, and as such, we need to lavish them with the appropriate attention and care. Before bringing a puppy inside your house, you should know some of the basics of dog rearing.  In this article, I would like to discuss some of the important tips on caring and training your dogs. First let me focus on the caring and grooming process. Dogs basically need food and proper nutrition. On specific times of the day, you should feed your dogs with nutritious food to maintain their health and proper growth. I emphasize the word “specific” because dogs have their own “body rhythm” which you could condition, so that they would only crave for food on those specific times.  Likewise, feeding them on specified times is part of the proper training of your pets.


Dogs have warm body and their normal body temperature is a little higher than that of the human body. Usually their body temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 39.2 degrees Celsius). If your dog’s temperature is way up that range, it should sound an alarm in you, and you should contact your veterinarian. The best way to monitor the temperature of your dogs is through the use of ear thermometer, which is more accurate in its measurement. Furthermore, you need to bathe your dog pets regularly to cool their body. Moreover, regular bathing is good for proper grooming of your pets. Brushing your dog’s hair is important to good grooming of your pets.

Brushing rate should depend on the hair type of your dogs. Long-haired dogs usually require daily brushing; short-haired dogs require less brushing. Moreover, dogs, just like humans, like to be caressed. Brushing their hair makes them feel loved and make them more affectionate. Likewise, you need to trim the nails of your dog pet. However, dogs don’t like their nails to be trimmed, and owners as well don’t like the trimming process because of its inconvenience. But, bacteria may build up in your dog’s nails; and so it is necessary to trim their nails every once in a while. Some Dogs require a bit of haircut. From time to time, owners should give their pet a good trimming. Furthermore, you should clean the outer part of your dog’s ear because these parts are the favorite hideouts of bacteria and germs.

Teaching your dog’s some toilet trainings early on as a puppy could lighten up everything for you. Early in your dog’s growth, train them to relieve themselves on a particular place. Owners should be like psychologists: first they should monitor patiently the behavior of their dog pets; then, they should use reward and reinforcement in conditioning the behavior of their dogs. Choose a specific place where you want your dogs to relieve themselves. Then, reinforce their actions every time they relieve themselves in that particular place. By reinforcing your dog’s behavior, you are creating your dog’s habits, which in turn, will facilitate the rearing of your dog later on.

Training your new or older dog can sometimes be somewhat of a task if you are new to doing it. Let us help you. Come and get some free dog behavior tips.

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