The Importance of Walking Your Dog

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Being a dog- owner, dog experts always remind us that we should give time to our dogs and take them to a walk. But the question is, do we really understand the importance of taking our dog to a walk? Many answered it is because of exercise. Yes true, walking your dog is giving him an exercise but that’s not all, exercise is just a part of it.

Let me give you some reasons that will help you understand the importance of walking your dog:

  1. walking Walking them is giving them an opportunity to release their energy that has not been used. Hyper and energetic dogs should be walked more often. If they do not have an outlet to release their energy, they tend to become bored and have behavioral problems.
  2. When you are training your dog, walking him is a great help. Most dog trainers said that they walk the dogs often so that they become more submissive.  Walking will drain their energy that will result to a satisfied, calmer and more focused dogs. Walking your dog frequently will help establish a better relationship between you and your dog. Your dog will look at you as the pack leader which is very important for you to gain control over him.
  3.  Walking your dog will also enhance his instincts. It is in dog’s nature to walk, roam and run. When your dog is just on your house, he may not use his skills. Through walking, your dog can feel a sense of accomplishment and direction. Also, experts say that dogs with less opportunity to walk outside has high probability to run away and dash outside the door to satisfy his roaming instinct.
  4.  Through walking, your dog is exposed in many different things and therefore he can utilize his senses. Through this, his mental abilities are also enhanced.
  5. Dogs are also social animals and they need to have socialization especially during their younger years. When you walk your dog, he is exposed in other social beings like humans, birds and other animals. Through walking, dogs’ social skills are also improved.  Studies found out that dogs who have lack of social interaction are having social problems like they are too shy or too fearful.
  6.  When you walk your dog, you are also, increasing its self- confidence. He would know how to react when he is exposed in crowded places or so much noise.
  7. Another good thing in walking your dog is that you have a good buddy that will motivated you to go out and have some fresh air. Most dog- owners said that they are more motivated to go jogging because of their dogs. The regular route you are taking will make your dog to become familiar of the area and he can find his way back home easily when he is lost.

Dog experts said that a regular walk take at least 30 to 45 minutes. Since dogs are social being, they need a lot of attention but if you do not have enough time to spend to your dog, it would be wise if you get another dog so he has somebody to play with when you are not around.

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