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Breaking the Hopeless Digger Habit of your Dog

Pet owners with gardens at home or landscapes usually have a hard time with their dogs with a habit of digging. But that doesn’t mean that if you have dogs at home you should not ...

Teaching Your Puppy Exterior Boundaries

Every dog owners want to make sure their pets won’t go astray. As we all know, even celebrities lost their puppies. As early as possible restrain your puppy from leaving your yard. ...

Housebreaking Your Puppy

One of the most common source of disagreement in the household if a new pup is adopted is Housebreaking. Sad to say, some of the dogs end up in dog pound due to the fact they weren’t ...
Dog Care

Caring For Your Dogs Health – Controlling External Parasites

Puppies are sensitive, especially if they’re still young and tiny. If you’re puppy is tiny, you may carry him to avoid germs that could harm him. As we all know, puppies are still ...

Caring and Avoiding Harmful Things for your Dog During a Ride

Dogs should be handled with care and love. All dogs need a loving master who can nourish them and protect them from harmful things. As a responsible dog owner, you should know the basic ...

Teaching your Dog the Right Eating Habit

Dogs just like humans need to be trained, to be civilized or to be taught in certain ways. As a new dog owner, civilizing your puppy is one of the important things you need to do to ...

Training your Dog the Right Manners in the Car

Dog owners surely love bringing their dogs on vacation trip, travel and even running errands. This is easy to do if your dog has the right manners in the car. What if your dog wasn’t ...

Dog Care Tips

The love for a dog as a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities one needs to accept when planning to keep a dog includes; accepting the dog as one of the household ...

A Clean Dog Is a Happy Dog

People have known to have a good sense of personal hygiene. That is because they are conscious of what people might say. Imagine riding in an elevator without taking a bath or any ...
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