Dogs Can Have Arthritis Too

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I personally own a dog and I make sure that his health is well regulated. Whenever I see some changes in his activity, I always consult for a veterinarian’s advice or I research through the internet to gather some information about it. However, as I was browsing in the World Wide Web, I have found out that dogs can have arthritis too, which at first I could not believe. I thought that humans are the only creature in the world that suffers arthritis or inflammation of the joints. Dogs can even have arthritis and if not prompted, they will eventually die from it.

dog arthritisBased on statistics, one out of five adult dogs in the United States of America is having chronic pain that veterinarians treat these days. Symptoms of such disease are difficulty sitting or standing; decreased interest in play, behavioral changes, stiffness or soreness of joints and increased number of sleep. If a dog happened to have these symptoms, there is a great possibility that he/she is having arthritis. Consultation of the veterinarian is really an utmost important during this time to know the severity of the disease and the proper interventions for it. Just like humans, the dog having a suspected arthritis will undergo physical exams and X-rays. When the results show a positive sign of arthritis, the veterinarian will advise the owner to have his/her dog take non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) to inhibit the inflammation and minimize the pain experienced by the dog. Aside from this maintenance drug, the owner will also be advised to provide the dog with a healthy diet and proper exercises.

Now that we know that dogs can acquire arthritis, we should be able to manage their health and make them live longer as possible. As for my dog, I always make sure that he’s taking the right kind of food. Dogs need to be fed but they should have timely meal consumption so that he will not overeat and become obese, which is definitely a big problem in the long run. I also take my dog for a walk every day or play with him in the yard. This activity is very helpful to him as it allows proper circulation of the blood and removes excess fats in his body.

Exercise is not only beneficial to my dog but also to myself as well. By providing him his needs and guiding him towards optimal health, there is a big chance that the dog will not acquire arthritis even as he age. Prevention is better than a dose of treatment. Therefore, do something today and you will reap the positive effects later on. Never neglect to provide your furry best friend with tender loving care!

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