Dogs and Human Beings

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Human beings are the best creation of God in this world. The best creation, but have stains in their hearts and have dual faces. Another best creation of God is animals, those who are never involved in crimes, never deceive anyone and never have dual or clever faces but have constant innocence on it. Out of these animals, the one that has the best place in our society is dog. Dogs and Human Beings two different species with different hearts and feelings, but here animal is trust worthy than human beings. People of Northern areas have dogs in their houses as an essential part of the family. No one house is thought to be completed without dogs. Actually dogs are best in all animals and in homes; they are kept as pet animals.

DogsA dog in a house not only plays role of a family member, but also acts as the security guard of that house. It is the most loyal and innocent of all the animals. It knows very well how to protect the family and house where it lives. In early ages, Dogs and Human Beings together was a dream and people of the early time shad no pitiable and lovable feelings for them. At that time, dogs were only used for the purposes of investigation to locate criminals by police forces, and not more. It was only thought that dog is a useful animal with sharp and clever senses that can smell crimes and criminals. Dog had no place in society than that.

For training purposes, dogs were beaten and punished if they become failing in doing their tasks. People could not understand that it is the animal that can be trained with love and trust. Now a day in homes and houses, people raise their dogs with love and care. Now they are not given the place less than the member of a family. To raise a dog, there should be more than little bit understanding between the Dogs and Human Beings. It is the nature of human beings that they learn everything with love and care.

If they are forced by someone to do the work that is unwanted for them, they try to leave that place more than quicker. Same is the feeling of a dog. When we try to train our dog and to raise it, we should remember to give them love. Otherwise this innocent, loyal and obedient animal will leave trusting human beings. They will leave our society if they are unable to get love to such an extent that they want. They should have no feelings of being animals in human society. They should be loved like the children of a family, who when commits a mistake, is loved in place of punishment. Dogs and Human Beings are not same but they have learned how to live in the same habitat of that of human beings.

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