Child Friendly Dog Breeds

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You might be thinking of getting a dog for your children. Several things exist in your mind as to how to take care of it and how it will benefit your children.  As people do know, dogs are a man’s best friend and they are pets that will turn your children to be responsible and loving citizens. True to say, having a dog pet is a great way to develop a sense of well being to the children and the entire family in general. Big or small, countless of dog breeds are available anywhere. However, questions usually arise such as the type of dog breed appropriate for your children and the dog breed that will bring joy and happiness to them.

Before picking up the best dog breed for your children, it is very important to assess first the family’s capability to take care a dog. Do they have the time to bathe, feed and play the dog? Are your children old enough to take the responsibility of owning a dog? If yes, check your budget for the possible expenses that a dog will bring and try to see if you have a back yard for them to play and live. Owning a dog is a big responsibility but if you and your family are ready to take this responsibility, they can choose to have Labrador retriever, beagle, miniature poodle, Shih Tzu or a pug.

dog breedsLabrador retriever dogs are very friendly and versatile. They are well balanced, intelligent and possess lovely temperaments. Aside from that, these dog breeds are loyal and will never leave away from their owners. They love to play outdoors, enjoy walking and running but if they are not satisfied, they will curl up and snooze with their owner’s side. On the other hand, beagles are great for the children. They are playful, active and love to stay outdoors. They embody great stamina and do not easily get tired when playing. Although they tend to be very active, beagles should have the proper rest and feeding. They are considered as clean dogs so there is no worry of cleaning them every day.

Miniature poodles are also child friendly dogs. They are smart, fun loving and possess general happiness. A lot of people love poodles because they can be easily trained and are people oriented. They are the appropriate dog for allergic people because their coat can be taken care easily. Meanwhile, Shih Tzu’s are social dogs. They can be easily tame and they are sweet, playful and loyal. They do not need rigorous activities but they can be the best pet for indoors. Lastly, pugs can be the best pet for your children. They are playful and adorable. Even if its look is different compared to other dogs, they are very clever and obeys command easily.

There are still a lot of dog breeds that can be best for your children but these five dog breeds will surely bring happiness to you and your family.

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  1. Designrshub says:

    Askals are still the best breed for me :D

  2. mightyMAUx says:

    I LOVE DOGS! and I agree on this blog post! Mostly on how Labrador Retrievers are LOYAL and INTELLIGENT.. in a personal experience in owning one :D

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