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How To Determine If Your Dog Is Healthy

It is not enough to just simply love your dog alone. You have to be aware of the different needs of your dog. You should keep them healthy and balanced so that they will live happily. ...

Caring For Your Old Dogs

All living things grow old. Unlike humans, dogs only have short lifespan. It is sad for dog owners to watch their dogs grow old and suffer from different diseases due to old age. We, ...

How To Train Your Puppy Properly

If you are planning to get a puppy, you have to consider first how to discipline that puppy especially if you have many housemates. You should think of be the role of each and everyone ...

Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Dog

Dog experts always remind every dog owners that they should take time to walk their dog. But many dog owners does not understand its importance. They think that walking the dog is only ...

Preparing Your Dog’s Diet

Humans and dogs have a lot of things in common. Just like humans, dogs are smart and teachable. They can easily learn new things, they have emotions and they need to eat and be groomed ...

Frisbee – An Exercise and Fun Activity for Your Dog

Dogs are lovable creatures; they are smart and fun to be with. However, just like humans, they also need to do exercise for health reasons. Some owners don’t take their dogs walking, ...

The Basics of Teaching a Dog How to Spin

Dogs are one of the smartest animals on the planet. They can learn new tricks fast and can even understand if their masters are having emotional issues. They can sense negative energy ...

Taking Care of Your Dog

Taking care of an animal in any kind is something that a person has to commit. You will not just feed or clean them every day. You also have to provide a good shelter and environment ...

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Dogs can be trusted, they are an intelligent creatures however it’s best not to take the leash unless you’re 100% sure your dog can be trusted especially when called. There are ...
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