Dog Coats And Horse-Riding Tips

While horse riding can be a lot of fun to take up, safety is very important. Every rider’s worst nightmare is falling off their horse and sustaining a nasty injury which prevents them from riding in the immediate aftermath of the accident. To prevent this from ever happening, getting the right equipment from a specialist retailer likeequestrian clearance is the best thing to do.

There are a number of things you need to wear and have with you at all times when riding. By having all the correct equipment, you should be able to ride without risking injury or impairing your enjoyment of horse riding. Keeping warm is important, especially if riding during the winter, so wearing a riding jacket is important. Similarly, if riding with your dog as part of a pack, then equestrian clearance dog coats are useful.

equestrianTo keep yourself secure, you’ll need a body protector. They will help to keep your upper body secure if you do end up falling off your horse. On a similar note, chaps are also important to wear while riding. They protect the legs from being cold, and can also prevent any serious pain if you were to land on your legs from a fall. Jodhpurs are also worth wearing on your legs to help keep you warm while riding throughout the cold months of autumn and winter.

Riding boots are very important to wear when you’re on your horse. They make it easier to get onto and off the horse, and they can also keep your feet secure, but perhaps the most important piece of safety equipment of all is a riding helmet. They help to keep your eyes on where you’re going, while, if landing head first, you’re highly unlikely to get hurt.

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