Do You Know What Your Dog Food Contains?


Dogs are supposed to be living for about two to three decades but today the amount of years that they spend has significantly grown lower. A lot of this was found to be due to the type of diet that these dogsare now on.  A lot of dogs are now being fed through commercially prepared dog foods which are has nothing but little food nutrients not enough for the needs of your growing dog.

Dog foods today contain nothing but very little amounts of the food nutrients that they show on the back label of your dog foods packaging.  Manufacturers put a lot of the insignificant ones and very little of the more important ones on their dog food products.  They contain a lot of sodium to make it more tasty but aside from this they also add in preservatives and other additives to make your dog food look good and smell good even if they are not really that nutritious at all.  Some of them even include animal by-products which are supposed to be eaten by animals at all.  They also contain a lot of carbohydrates which is not the most important constituent of dog foods.  The large amounts of this nutrient even leads to some health problems which owners may not notice at first.  One of the major problems that they cause in dogs is excess weight which leads to other more serious ones.  It is one of the reasons why dogs today are now having shorter life-spans than they used to about twenty years ago.

Animal nutrition experts say that your dog’s meals should contain the same amount of dietary constituents that you have on your own meals.  It should contain a small amount from the carbohydrates and not the large quantities that are found on commercially available dog foods.  They should also contain a significant amount of fiber which they need for a more normal bowel movement and reduced fats on their diet.

According to some authorities, pests can also get into dog food products which can cause some serious problems for your dog.  They carry a lot of diseases that you should be careful not to let them get to your dog’s food.  There is also the problem with fungi and molds which you can avoid getting into it by keeping your dog’s food in a dry, tightly sealed container.  You should also serve your dogs food in a clean hygienic plate where he can eat them.

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