A Number Of Causes

Dog dandruff, dog hair loss, dog moulting and dog dry skin, all incredibly uncomfortable things for your dog to have the misfortune of suffering from. And there are many causes of such problems.

One such problem can be an endocrine disorder such as autoimmune destruction, or lymphocytic thyroiditis. Symptoms may include hair loss, damaged skin, a drop in temperature, lack of appetite, weight gain and even lethargy. This condition is particularly common in Beagles. Such issues can be treated with a course of supplements that provide your dog with the correct hormones that they are missing.

Another possibility is ringworm. Contrary to what you may think, ringworm is not actually a worm, but a growth upon the skin. They are most commonly seen as round patches of hairless skin or round sores. It can be cured with anti-fungal medicines. Lime sulphur dips are often recommended. It is also important to decontaminate any environments the dogs may have entered.

How about folliculitis? Folliculitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, and its symptoms include dry skin and green and yellow crusty sores. Whilst the causes are hard to diagnose, it can be treated with antibacterial antibiotics, skin ointments and specially formulated shampoos. You can also clear it up with dietary dog supplements such as Yumega Dog, which can be purchased online and Lintbells.com, which is simply added to your dog’s food and includes a blend of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial in maintaining your dog’s skin and coat and helping it to heal.

It could be a reaction to the environment they are in, in which case a review of their surroundings is in order. Again, dietary supplements and ointments could be the answer, particularly if the irritant is unmovable.

It could even be a reaction to a medicine they are taking; in which case, you should consult your vet.

However, the most common cause is simply a deficiency in diet. Feeding your dog on foods that are high in essential fatty acids and vitamin D can significantly improve any dog skin conditions, but a supplement can speed this up significantly

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