How to Choose the Best House Dog

Choosing the right and appropriate dog is one of the decisions that pet-loving families will find themselves making from time to time (click here for the best house dogs).However, this canine member of the family needs to be chosen with a lot of considerations and due diligence because of the long-term implications that the new entrant will have in the family. This article therefore seeks to outline some of the mandatory factors that you need to put into consideration before making the final choice for your family. Continue reading “How to Choose the Best House Dog”

Why your House Dog Needs Time Out at the Dog Park

Yesterday was the annual dogs’ day out with their owners and fellow dogs at our local public dog park. It is one of those favorite days for our family as we take time out with the canine members of our family to socialize and interact with our friends and family at the dog park. This is one of those family traditions that we engage in occasionally in order to ensure that our canine friends remain our best friends as they have been traditionally branded, so that they are not turned into slaves on leashes.

Aside from the pack of dogs that had gathered at the park, I was very amused by the neatness and the immaculate beauty of the excellently trimmed grass in the park. What immediately crossed my mind was the quality of weed wacker that the park stewards had used to prepare the park. With all that excellent beauty still lingering my mind, I remembered the Serreounder weed whacker that we use at home to maintain the same environment for our house dogs. But getting moving away from the beauty of  the park, I would like to focus on the awesome benefits that house dogs get out of the park, besides just enjoying and socializing in a clean and perfectly trimmed environment(click here for the best weed whacker). Continue reading “Why your House Dog Needs Time Out at the Dog Park”

The Husky Almanac Review

haThe Husky Almanac is a package of three individual books and a downloadable video. The package is tailor made for Husky owners and addresses all the issues a Husky owner may ever encounter. With the The Husky Almanac, you will have no more unanswered questions. Here is just some of what you will find inside: Continue reading “The Husky Almanac Review”

What’s Inside Cheap Dog Food?

Know the Advantage of Using Quality Food for Your Dogs

Our dogs are just like us when it comes to nutritional needs. They need to get their daily dose of nutritious foods and not some high-calorie meal without these needed nutrients that they will use for their biological processes. If they are not able to acquire them in their daily meals, they are most likely to grow fat which can lead to a lot more health-related conditions. Continue reading “What’s Inside Cheap Dog Food?”

Spaying And Neutering Your Dog

What You Should Know

If you are thinking about having your dogs spayed or neutered, you should know some important facts first before you do it.  This is usually done to control dog breeding and to prevent overpopulating dog shelters and other institutions which keep dogs.  Your dog will also benefit from the surgery both in terms of his health and his behavioral aspects.  It has now been a common procedure to use euthanasia as a way of preventing dog overpopulation but with the help of spaying or neutering, the occurrence of this phenomenon shall be diminished which is a better and humane way to keep dogs.

Spaying is done on female dogs.  This procedure involves the removal of the female reproductive organs such as the pair of ovaries and the uterus.  The health benefits that your dog can get through this surgery is the lessening of her chances of acquiring breast cancer and other types of cancers and infections involving female reproductive organs.  Dogs can be spayed at the age of six months onwards or before she gets her first menstrual period.

Spaying will help prevent unwanted pregnancies on your dog and also removes all the chances of your dog getting infections and health risks involving the female reproductive system.  Remember that a lot of unwanted dogs usually end up populating dog shelters and are usually euthanize anyway.  It also helps prevent the unsightly bleeding that your dog would need to go through which is going to be a problem when they get on your floor and carpeting. By removing some of the organs of your dog, they are also less likely to develop cancers of the uterus and of the ovaries.

Neutering is done on male dogs.  It involves removing the male’s testicles and it is also done when a dog reaches about six months of age.  It makes them behave better at home since it reduces a dog’s sexual craving. Thus, they are more likely to be at home and not to go around looking for a fertile female during the hours of the day when they cannot be found or at odd places.

By removing your dog’s testicles you improve his chances of avoiding certain types of diseases such as prostate cancer and hernia.  It will also make him less aggressive which is good since you would not want him to get you into a lot of dog quarrels or get him hunting for females at odd hours of the day.  These are usually some of the common causes why dogs get into accidents or get bitten by other more aggressive dogs.

Yummy And Easy To Make Treats For Dogs

Being with dogs has become a part of our normal living.  With the close bonds the dog and its master form, people see and treat them as a human being.  Some consider these pets as part of their family.

Like people, pets are given treats that promotes their well being.  This treats can be inexpensive and is fun to do for you and even for your kids.  This article will feature to you some tasty foods for dogs that are easy and fun to make.

Manufactured bone biscuits are one of the most common diets of dogs.  This tasty treat can also be homemade with just few simple steps.

First, you have to prepare the following ingredients:

3.5 cups of bucketwheat flour,
1.5 cups of rolled oats,
0.25 cup of olive oil, 0.5 cup of ground beef,
a pinch of salt,
1 egg,
1 cup of water.

The ingredients will be mixed and kneaded.  It is ideal that the dough will be shaped into bones with a bone shaped cookie cutter.  If the cookie cutter is unavailable, a knife guided with a bone patterned cardboard can also do the job.  The bone shaped beefy buckwheat biscuits are now ready to be placed in the baking sheet to be heated at 190 degrees Celsius for duration of half an hour.  This process will ensure that your biscuits are crunchy and not soft and chewy.  After baking, cool the biscuits off in the oven for a few hours.

Another tasty treats for your pets are banana bites.  Even though dogs are not known to drool on fruits, these treats are healthy, delicious, and easy to make.

The necessary ingredients are as follows:

3 cups of oatmeal
1.25 cup of flour
2 eggs
half cup of honey
half cup of milk
2 eggs,
2 mashed bananas

The first step in making the banana bites is to mix the bananas, oil, milk, and honey first.  The flour and oatmeal are to be added next creating a batter.  The batter will then be placed to a greased cookie sheet and to be baked at 160 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.  Once the product cools off, slice them into square bite size pieces.

These treats are delicious but can be fattening for your pets, so feed these treats in moderation.  These treats also come cheap when it comes to ingredients and only requires common kitchen ingredients.

Lastly, they are easy to make and even the children can participate in making this yummy food for dogs.

A Number Of Causes

Dog dandruff, dog hair loss, dog moulting and dog dry skin, all incredibly uncomfortable things for your dog to have the misfortune of suffering from. And there are many causes of such problems.

One such problem can be an endocrine disorder such as autoimmune destruction, or lymphocytic thyroiditis. Symptoms may include hair loss, damaged skin, a drop in temperature, lack of appetite, weight gain and even lethargy. This condition is particularly common in Beagles. Such issues can be treated with a course of supplements that provide your dog with the correct hormones that they are missing.

Another possibility is ringworm. Contrary to what you may think, ringworm is not actually a worm, but a growth upon the skin. They are most commonly seen as round patches of hairless skin or round sores. It can be cured with anti-fungal medicines. Lime sulphur dips are often recommended. It is also important to decontaminate any environments the dogs may have entered.

How about folliculitis? Folliculitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, and its symptoms include dry skin and green and yellow crusty sores. Whilst the causes are hard to diagnose, it can be treated with antibacterial antibiotics, skin ointments and specially formulated shampoos. You can also clear it up with dietary dog supplements such as Yumega Dog, which can be purchased online and Lintbells.com, which is simply added to your dog’s food and includes a blend of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial in maintaining your dog’s skin and coat and helping it to heal.

It could be a reaction to the environment they are in, in which case a review of their surroundings is in order. Again, dietary supplements and ointments could be the answer, particularly if the irritant is unmovable.

It could even be a reaction to a medicine they are taking; in which case, you should consult your vet.

However, the most common cause is simply a deficiency in diet. Feeding your dog on foods that are high in essential fatty acids and vitamin D can significantly improve any dog skin conditions, but a supplement can speed this up significantly

Benefits Of Having Indoor Dog Bathroom

Dogs are very lovable pets especially the puppies – and these animals are among the most common domestic animals that you will find at almost every home. However, one of the most common headache of dog owners are –  their poops.

dog bathroomThe most common way to resolve this problem is to train the puppies. However, potty training consumes time and effort. Why? Training a dog is a lot more difficult than teaching a child. Dog’s do not understand human language and puppies are naturally hyperactive. Thus, if potty training methods are not properly implemented, frequent accidents happen. Of course, we do not want accidents happen. Imagine when you go to bed in the evening and you woke up with a lot of poops messed around your house and the stinky smell of dog urine. It will surely ruin your day.

To avoid accidents like this, some dog owners have an indoor dog bathroom. Dog owners said that because of indoor dog potty, cleaning the mess of dogs is much more easier.

Consider the following benefits:

1. Indoor dog potty is efficient especially when it rains outside and your dog cannot get out. Of course you do not want to get your dog sick by letting him under the rain so as yourself.

2. If you have a very busy day, and it is impossible to take your dog outside, then having an indoor dog bathroom will answer the needs of your dog.

3. Indoor dog bathroom will be a great help for disabled pet owners as well as for sick and elder dogs. Sickly and elderly dogs moves slower and it would be hard for them to walk if the distance is quite long.

4. If you are living in a condominium or in an apartment and you have to go down from several stairs and elevator just to take your dog outside will be quite a hassle. If you have an indoor dog bathroom, you do not have to hurry yourself and your dog to go outside of the building. You can place the dog toilet in your balcony or everywhere inside your apartment that will make it more convenient for you.

5. Having an indoor dog bathroom will keep assure that your dog is safe inside your house especially if you have to work late at night. Also, you do not have to wake late at night to take your dog outside. This will also helps you in having a good night sleep as well as keeping you away from harm and danger at night.

When you look for an indoor dog toilet, choose those that have artificial turf grass. This feature will keep your dog comfortable. This grass have anti microbial agents that helps prevent bacteria and fungus from growing. Since it looks and smells like a grass, it will would be easy for your puppy to be attracted in it and use it.

This kind of indoor dog bathroom will keep your house clean and smells fresh because it also absorbs the smell from your dog’s poops and urine.

Do not forget that the indoor dog bathroom should be lightweight so you can move it around.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

  • The ocean is teeming with life. Hundreds of real-life species are there to be discovered, from seahorses to giant whales.
  • Are the local fish sick or agitated? Players can view their health status and then use a tranquilizer-like tool to zap the ones in need of rehab with healing energy.
  • The game also includes a storyline that players can follow as they choose. The plot involves Oceana, a woman who investigates the Dragons Song? which her father, a prominent ocean explorer, was searching for just before his death.
  • While at Nine Ball Island, players can become friends with a dolphin and teach it some new tricks. When one dive, players can even bring along the dolphin, which players can hold onto for extra fast swimming.
  • For the first time in the series, friends who have broadband Internet access can connect and dive with one another via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, while using the Wii Speaker microphone to converse.

Dive into the beautiful and fascinating undersea world of Endless Ocean: Blue World! Travel across the globe–dive in exotic locations, enjoy interacting with over 350 different species of marine life, and explore sunken ruins for clues as you unravel the mysteries of an ancient underwater civilization and search for its legendary hidden treasure. Dive the World! Explore the unique and breathtaking underwater environments and marine life of multiple exciting dive spots around the world. From dolphins, sharks, and whales in the South Pacific, to piranhas and electric eels in a tributary of the Amazon River, there’s never a dull moment exploring the endless blue world beneath the waves. Escape into Blue! Witness the majesty of the sea up close and personal from the comfort of your living room. Relax and explore the ocean at your leisure while you discover exotic underwater species, interact with them to learn fun and interesting facts, and take stunning photographs of anything and everything that catches your eye. Explore shipwrecks and ancient ruins while you search for sunken treasure and adventure through the main story, or even expand and cultivate your own private coral reef! Share the Seas! Go online with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to meet up with family and friends to explore the oceans together. Take advantage of the Wii Speak accessory (sold separately) to communicate in real time as you’re diving together!